FH Nash gallops ahead with two new Lawrence David trailers

F H Nash Baileys Lawrence David trailer


Horse food producer FH Nash has bought two curtainsiders from Lawrence David.

FH Nash makes Baileys Horse Feeds, delivering the product across the UK.

The new curtainsiders are standard length but feature slimline bulkheads to enhance air flow around the trailer body. Attached to each is a galvanised steel damage protector, which the manufacturer claims increases the lifespan of each curtainsider.

Minty Knowles, Baileys horse feed brand manager, said: “Baileys’ fleet of curtainsider trailers are all emblazoned with Baileys-fed horses, often ‘in action’ in a variety of disciplines and most ridden by Baileys sponsored riders or staff – and no two livery designs are the same.”

Lawrence David opted for digitally printed curtains to maximise the quality of the images.