Ford Trucks has entered Western Europe, and wants 5% market share


Ford Trucks will have a minimum of 5% market share in 80 countries worldwide by 2023, including much of Western Europe.

This bold claim was made by Ford Otosan CEO Haydar Yenigün last week, while announcing distribution partnerships in Spain and Portugal. “I know this is ambitious, but we have trust in our vehicles and our dealers,” he said.

The Turkish truck maker, whose F-Max scooped the coveted International Truck of the Year 2019 title, already has a presence in some Eastern European countries, but this is its first foray into Western Europe. Currently its sole Portuguese dealership is in Lisbon, but by 2021 it will also have sites in Porto, Leira, Algarve and Viseu. Meanwhile its Spanish distributor F-Trucks Autumotive Hispania will be operating from nine different locations across the country.

Yenigün said Ford Trucks had originally planned to enter Western Europe in late 2020, but brought its plans forwards by 12 months because of how well the F-Max has been received. He revealed that Italy will be added to the growing list before the end of the year, closely followed by France and the Nordic countries in 2020.

However Ford confirmed that producing a right-hand drive version of the F-Max for the UK market is low on its list of priorities. Instead it is currently concentrating its efforts on other projects, such as developing its own two-pedal transmission to replace the ZF TraXon, and rolling-out the F-Max cab down through the rest of the range. Currently distribution and construction trucks use its Cargo cab, but this will change once a 2.3m wide version of the F-Max cab has been developed.

Ford Trucks has appointed TIP Trailer Services as its Western European aftersales provider, including in the UK.

RHA to host seminars to prepare hauliers for no-deal Brexit


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A nationwide programme of roadshows and webinars has been launched by the RHA to prepare haulage companies for a no-deal Brexit.

Starting on 7 October, the trade association will host 66 seminars across 22 locations which will examine the impact on border management and the movement of goods in the event of the UK leaving the European Union without a deal.

These events are also intended to explain how it will impact upon traders, importers and exporters, as well as hauliers and drivers.

The seminars will explore the protocols and rules that will need to be followed and prepare businesses with checklists and details of where to find further guidance.

The RHA said it had been awarded “the highest proportion” of a £10m government grant to help prepare companies for a no-deal: “We are working hard to complement the work that government has already started – and throughout October we will be co-ordinating our very own campaign - AtoBrexit - in partnership with the DfT,” said Richard Burnett, RHA chief executive.

The roadshows will each have the capacity to brief a minimum of 150 people.

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