Ford's F-Max will soon be available to buy in Western Europe


Ford Trucks has brought forward its plans to enter western Europe, following the success of its new F-Max range, the current International Truck of the Year.

Previously the Turkish truck builder had said expansion into western Europe was several years away, but last week Ford Trucks general manager Haydar Yenigun revealed it had pulled forward its plans, and was negotiating with new dealership candidates in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Ford recently completed its network in central and eastern Europe, and already has a service network across western Europe.

Dangerous driver's application denied

Scotland’s traffic commissioner (TC) has refused an application to double a haulier’s vehicle authorisation after hearing evidence of how one of its vehicle’s wheels became detached and struck a BMW.

According to the TC, in September 2017 a female driver of a BMW in the Newbridge area narrowly missed serious injury – or worse – when the operator’s lorry wheel hit her car.

Aitken said it was clear the reason for the wheel loss was “insufficient husbandry of the wheel such that paint and debris came to affect the wheel clamping force”.

TC Joan Aitken also heard how Whyte Crane Hire’s director Laurence Whyte had been convicted of dangerous driving leading to his disqualification from driving until 2020.

The Aberdeenshire haulage company was also involved in a crash 11 years ago that led to the deaths of a mother and her two young daughters after hydraulic oil had leaked from one of the company’s cranes and led to Ann Copeland’s car skidding on the A92.

At the public inquiry to discuss doubling the firm’s licence from five to 10 lorries and seven to 15 trailers, Aitken said she was concerned by Whyte’s attitude to road safety and that someone in his position had received a dangerous driving conviction.

Whyte had been joined by two additional directors, who Aitken thought could provide the element of trust that was needed between the TC and the operator and so she stopped short of revoking its licence. But she added that she wasn’t fully reassured and therefore regulatory action was required.

“I have concluded that the means by which I can put down a very severe marker to this operator is by denying expansion,” she said.

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