From the Frontline: Jerry Kiersey, operations director at Green Tiger Group, talks about the impact of COVID-19 on his business

“COVID-19 is having a massive impact on our company, and is threatening its very survival,” said Jerry Kiersey, operations director at Green Tiger Group.

However, the car transporter specialist, which operates a fleet of Euro-6 trucks in the UK and Ireland, says it has been thrown a lifeline by Ellesmere Port Scania. The dealership, which is part of Haydock Commercials, has offered a moratorium on the Green Tiger Group’s R&M agreements of up to six months.

“Without this, they would have expired by the time we returned to work, without us benefitting from them,” explained a grateful Kiersey. He went onto explain that Ellesmere Port Scania manager Mark Urmston also offered to waive parking and weekly check fees.

“It is extremely generous of them, and means a great deal when trying to cope with what is happening,” said Kiersey. “The package of support they have offered us will ensure that when COVID-19 is over we will still be in business. If this spirit of mutual support prevails throughout the industry, not only will the industry survive, it will be a better one for it.”

Iveco Eurocargo - Used truck of the day


Monday’s used truck of the day is an Iveco Eurocargo 75E16 road sweeper, courtesy of Gloucestershire based Rothdean.

This 2009 truck features a Merlin XPDual sweepjet washer with a reel, lance and full width stainless steel wash bar.

Safety features include a colour safety camera, amber light bar, beacons and four safety lights.

Check out the full listing with contact details here.

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