Gasrec installs a bio-LNG refuelling site for Gregory Distribution

Gasrec has installed a temporary bio-LNG refuelling station at Gregory Distribution’s Cullompton depot, to fuel the haulier’s growing fleet of gas-powered Volvos. It is already operating seven Volvo FH LNG 6x2 tractor units, and has another 13 on order.

Gasrec delivered the skid-mounted facility, which is used as a temporary solution, straight from frozen food distribution business Reed Boardall, which has recently upgraded to a permanent on-site refuelling station.

James Westcott, chief commercial officer of Gasrec, said: “The plan is to get a more permanent refuelling station at Cullompton, but the fast-moving nature of this industry requires a flexible approach.”

Paul Jefferson, group legal, risk and sustainability director at Gregory Distribution, added: “The transition to alternative fuels is a key part of our long-term strategy, and this new facility is a continuation on that journey. We put our first LNG trucks on the road last September and the reduction in carbon emissions have been clear to see.

“The technology has come on leaps and bounds in the past 12 months and the feedback from the drivers on the Volvo trucks has been hugely positive. The one challenge we have faced with LNG has been the infrastructure; but now with the help of Gasrec, we are taking control of our destiny by getting this facility on our own site. It’s a major step forward.”

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