Goodyear adds two new compounds to its mixed-surface range

Goodyear new compounds

Goodyear has added two new compounds to its OMNITRAC Heavy Duty mixed-surface tyre range which was launched last year.
Named the OMNITRAC MSS II and MSD II, Goodyear claims both “provide enhanced performance in the areas of stone holding resistance, chipping and chunking resistance, connectivity and durability, while rolling resistance and fuel efficiency are maintained or improved”.
They’re marked with the Three Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) which translates into an improved level of winter performance and compliance with winter tyre regulations.
MSS II and MSD II, like the manufacturer’s other truck tyre ranges, will be available with radio-frequency identification (RFID), connectivity for tyre management, and tracking systems via a chip that’s inserted into the rubber.
Goodyear claims, because of its latest tyre pressure monitoring system, operators using the new MSS and MSD compounds will be made aware of any punctures or temperature anomalies immediately. This will lead to “15% more working hours and 85% fewer tyre-related incidents – supporting operators in increasing uptime, and decreasing breakdown costs”.
Maciej Szymanski, Goodyear’s director marketing Europe for commercial business unit, said: “We now offer a full spectrum of innovative products covering all applications from on-road to very challenging working environments. The end-to-end offer is complemented with customisable smart solutions and the support of reputable Truck Force network – an integral part of Goodyear Total Mobility.”

IDClear hopes to reduce bin lorry-related accidents and theft

IDClear targets RCV market

Innovative Safety Systems (ISS), in partnership with Amey, has launched IDClear - technology designed to reduce HGV theft and accidents.
Targeted at the refuse collection sector, IDClear secures vehicles when they’re stationary and powering equipment that runs off the engine, such as bin lifts. When the driver leaves the cab IDClear ensures the truck is immobilised and its handbrake automatically applied.
Drivers need to be identified via a keypad or covert actuator in order to re-enter. All of the technology is powered by a safety control unit which, ISS claims, includes “innovative safety features and monitoring systems that protect against external influences, internal component failure and sabotage”.
ISS CEO Gavin Thodey, claimed that the firm “incorporated extra safety checks into IDClear, which make it much more advanced than other products in the market place. There is a built-in black box recorder to gather data like when RFID tags are presented or when the park brake was applied. This information can be interrogated in the event of an incident”.
Biffa’s RCV fleet in Waverly was one of the first to fit the system, while another company equipped it after trials carried out on 10 of its vehicles revealed the parking brakes were left off over 11 times a day.
Designed in the UK by the Pershore-based company, IDClear consists of two components that can be sold separately - for example, IDClear’s anti-roll away immobiliser without the driver recognition software, is £1,400. It will cost £1,700 to specify the full package, however.
ISS will install the system at an operator’s site and IDClear is covered by a three year warranty.