Hartlepool Borough Council opts for reliable and liked Mercedes-Benz Econics

Hartlepool Council Mercedes-Benz Econic

Hartlepool Borough Council has bought two new Mercedes-Benz Econic 2630L 6x2 refuse collection vehicles (RCV) fitted with compactor bodies from Hillend Engineering.

Both vehicles use the council’s favoured 299hp engines and six-speed Allison automatic gearboxes. They were supplied by Bell Truck and Van and the latest additions line up alongside the local authority’s 18 other Econics.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s waste and environmental services team leader, Helen Beaman, said: “Our Econics have proved over the years to be extremely reliable and cost-effective to operate. Build quality is first class, and the trucks are well-liked by the operatives who use them.”

Specified for maximum safety, the new units have Sideguard Assist, which uses two radar sensors on the passenger side to support the driver when making left turns or changing lanes. The box for Rearguard Assist was ticked too, which displays the distance between the vehicle and an object to the driver while they’re reversing.

Beaman added: “The low-entry flat-floored cab contributes to health and safety in being easy to access, exit and move across, while the visibility provided by the extensive glazing is certainly appreciated by our drivers.”

The Econics arrived with the manufacturer’s three-year and 160,000km warranty.

DM Boyles' DAF CF tridem offers access to small spaces

DM Boyles' DAF CF tridem

DM Boyles has bought a new DAF CF 410 8x2 rigid, with a triple rear-axle tridem bogie. The Market Rasen-based company hopes the bogie, with two steer and one drive axle, will help when accessing tighter locations.

The £200,000 CF has also been fitted with a 17,034-litre stainless steel vacuum tank from the firm’s preferred bodybuilder, Whale Tankers. The DAF and its axle configuration are a first for the company and its owner, Ashley Boyles. 


Boyles said: “Eight-wheelers are the worst thing in the world to get in anywhere. And the double-drive models are like sailing a super-tanker! I had heard a lot of really good fuel, comfort and reliability reports about DAFs from friends in transport and decided to talk to my local dealer, Ford & Slater, about them. I had just bought a couple of Swedish six-wheelers with rear steer, but when it came to a new eight-wheeler, I was determined to see what all the fuss was about and try a DAF CF and the tridem configuration.”


DM Boyles opted for Whale Tankers because its stainless steel bodies don’t impact too much on the vehicle’s 32-tonne payload. 


He added: “This is almost all about payload and manoeuvrability. We have always been delighted with Whale Tankers, and the bonus now is that our drivers love the DAF cab. Then there’s its overall performance, both fuel and reliability. We don’t expect record-braking fuel figures on our sort of work, but I am happy that the DAF is doing well.”


DM Boyles’ DAF tridem was supplied by Ford & Slater with a two-year repair and maintenance plan with one-year of driveline warranty.