HB Commercial stocks up on Krone to meet demands

Krone trailers for HB Commercial

HB Commercial has expanded its rental fleet of 3-axle Krone Box Liner units to meet increased customer demand for the trailers.

In total 130 have joined the existing 200-strong fleet since the start of 2019, making it the UK’s largest provider of Krone Box Liners.

Out of the Ipswich-based company’s 25 customers, trailer division manager Jono Scott stated: “10 to 15 used the Krone trailers after we began working with them 2017, while others opt for manufacturers like Montracon. This means that emphasis needs to be placed on uptime to ensure demands for the Krone units are met.”

Scott, said: “Because demand is so high, uptime is important for us. Krone can have units with us in weeks as opposed to six or nine months. I often pre-order them way ahead of time to make sure they are always in the supply chain.”

The trailers are fitted with an optional Krone telematics package that enables HB Commercial and its customers to monitor tyre pressures, mileage records for maintenance intervals, empty running or reduced-load miles, braking status and trailer location.

In addition to this, drivers can be notified of ABS or EBS malfunctions with a further alert sent to the operator if any remedial work has not been carried out within a given timeframe.

Scott says another reason for choosing Krone trailers is because of their 10-year paint guarantee, which he said, “should keep them in good condition for five or six years”.

HB Commercial operations director Oliver Brunt, added, “With each new trailer consignment from them comes a high standard of product and service. In many ways their approach to business matches ours; two family-run organisations with compatible views towards our people and our customers – invest in both and both will continue to thrive.”

2015 DAF FTRXF-510 Super Space 6x2 tractor unit - Used Truck of The Day

Used Truck of The Day

Today’s used truck of the day is this 2015 DAF FTRXF-510 Super Space 6x2 tractor unit from Ford & Slater with 550,950km on the clock and plenty of equipment.

Painted in a standout red, this example has a single wheel rear lift, 12 speed manual transmission and tipping hydraulics which is ideal for aggregate hauliers. The cab is adorned with a top-mounted Kelsa light bar with six spot lamps LEDs, while there’s another across the bottom bumper.

Inside, there’s a fridge and a wooden dashboard which holds a radio and air conditioning, while at the rear of the cab there’s a single bunk. The MoT is due to run out in May 2020, while the price is available on application.