Hiab aims to help drivers with updated HiVision system

Camera specialist Hiab has introduced its updated HiVision system for the Multilift Ultima hooklift range, which utilises augmented reality through the use of rear-view cameras to help make loading and unloading containers easier for drivers.

HiVision uses three rear-mounted cameras positioned at different heights to give the driver a full view via augmented reality. The cameras detect the containers so the driver can choose which one to collect, and after engaging HiVision, reverse with HiVision’s guidance and pick up the container.

Nils Gjerstad, senior communications manager at Hiab, said that the primary goal of HiVision is to reduce “wear and tear on components” as it “increases the accuracy rate” of drivers who are manoeuvring containers, especially in adverse weather conditions.

This is especially advantageous for less experienced drivers and in many markets there is a skilled driver shortage. The system also provides safety warnings about any static or on-coming obstacles so the driver can stop any operation that could otherwise lead to a dangerous situation.

Ahead of HiVision’s debut at the Transport-Logistics show in Helsinki, Gjerstad, said that he’s unsure as to when the production version will be available for the UK market, but did say that production variants of past concepts have gone into production “quickly after launch”.

TotalKare returns to Tip-ex in collaboration with HARSH

TD8C Hydraulic Cable-Free Platforms

TotalKare will be returning to Tip-ex this year for the first time since 2009, partnering up with HARSH to produce a show piece that will be displayed at the entrance to the show.

Specialising in heavy-duty vehicle solutions, TotalKare along with hydraulic specialists HARSH will showcase each other’s expertise and equipment.

TotalKare’s four T8DC hydraulic cable-free platforms will be shown lifting a DAF LF 18 tonne GVW supplied by Lancashire DAF complete with a HARSH skiploader body with remote control capabilities allowing for safer and more efficient use. This will be part of a demonstration that will be seen by more than 50,000 visitors over the three days.

The T8DC mobile columns are capable of lifting 7,500kg and run off a 230V power supply, and features up to eight column configurations depending on what needs to be lifted.

The LF is one of three to be ordered by Wigan-based Bithells Waste Management, and together with HARSH and TotalKare, will see its brand take “pride of place” at Tip-ex said Steve Braund, with the T8DC’s offering “a bit more height” making it a worthy spectacle at the Tip-ex 2019 entrance.

  • Tip-Ex Tank-Ex, taking place in Harrogate from 30 May - 1 June 2019 is the UK's must-attend event for operators in the dry bulk and liquid tanker sectors. You can register free on the website.