MAN's Modification Centre completes huge British Military vehicle upgrade


MAN’s Manchester Modification Centre has completed a vehicle modification programme of 382 vehicles for the British Military’s Logistic Corps.

The Modification Centre had to install and integrate a new pallet and container loading system (Enhanced Palletised Load System - EPLS) onto the HX trucks which were delivered to the MoD under a separate contract in 2005.

A new team of more than 40 technicians were recruited for the contract period of 32 months and once stripped down each of the 382 vehicles were re-engineered and fitted with a 2,500 component ‘retrofit’ kit to allow them to load both standardised 20-foot containers and their pallet loading system.

Thomas Hemmerich, CEO MAN Truck & Bus UK, said; “The EPLS re-engineering project has been a huge success for MAN Truck & Bus UK. Throughout the process and the constantly changing uncertainties of Covid-19 pandemic, the entire team has remained professional and focussed and their commitment is a testament to the capabilities we have and can offer our customers.

“The final vehicle, EPLS 382, was delivered back to the MoD on the 18th March 2021 meeting the contract completion date, which in the current climate is a huge achievement for all parties involved and something we should all be proud of.”

​Operators reap benefits of smart tachos, new CM research reveals


Transport businesses are seeing real operational benefits from the new generation of smart tachographs, according to a new report by Commercial Motor and sister title Motor Transport

The 'Tachos and Telematics' research report 2021 found that 39% of operators reckon they are getting better real-time data from using smart tachos, while 34% said administration time and costs had been reduced, and 19% highlighted fewer roadside checks. 

The use of smart tachos has been increasing rapidly since they became mandatory for new vehicles in 2019. Some 73% of fleets now have some vehicles fitted with them compared to 38% when we last compiled this research just over a year ago. 

And there is evidence that operators are making more use of the data that tachos provide, downloading data more frequently than in our previous survey. 

The research also highlights the growing use of telematics in road transport.

Some 79% of operators are now using telematics in their operations – that’s up from 69% in our study a year ago. 

"The 'Tachographs and Telematics' report provides key insights into the use of the latest technologies in road transport in a year dominated by the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic," said CM events and project editor Hayley Pink. 

“It is clear that transport operators are increasingly recognising the benefits that developments in tachograph and telematics technology can bring to their operations.”

Download this informative report today, free of charge, and check out the range of other research available online.