Muldoon Transport Systems' 6x2 tipper proves popular for biomass applications

Northern Ireland bodybuilder Muldoon Transport Systems has supplied a unique tipper to York-based biomass fuels specialist Verd Energy.

Based on a 26-tonne 6x2 DAF CF chassis, the truck is specified with a lifting and steering rear axle. The shorter wheelbase means manoeuvrability is improved, thereby allowing the vehicle to gain access to more restricted premises than a conventional 8x4.

Verd Energy chose a 400hp engine for its high power and torque outputs which allow a higher, rev-reducing rear axle ratio as well as reduced gearshifting - both of which improve the truck’s overall fuel efficiency and driveability.

The smooth sided alloy bulk body includes a super - lightweight Harsh FE combined ram and tank tipping gear. Justin Muldoon, director at Muldoon Transport Systems, said: “Harsh front end gears are an ideal component within a wider bulk blower specification. Often tipping on uneven ground, bodies can be raised for long periods of time so the overall performance of the tipping cylinder is particularly important.”

Specifically configured to discharge wood pellets, the body also includes an onboard weighing system that allows customers to be billed from the recorded weight of delivered product. The rear of the body is also equipped to carry Muldoon’s demountable vacuum system which can clean out storage areas and silos as and when required.

Mark Duncan, MD at Verd Energy, said that in order for the business to win new customers, it had to have vehicles that can “actually get to their premises without difficulty, yet still able to carry a worthwhile amount of biomass product. By choosing its specification very carefully, our new DAF achieves all these aims”.

Peel Ports does U-turn on female driver facilities


Peel Ports Group is making major improvements to HGV driver toilet facilities at its Port of Liverpool Seaforth site (pictured) after a female driver reported it to the HSE.

June Higgins, who works for Knowsley-based container haulier JMD, complained to the HSE in June after being forced to use male toilets consisting of two urinals and one cubicle, housed in the same room.

HSE regulations mandate that visiting drivers be provided with appropriate facilities with separate toilets provided for women.

Following her complaint, Higgins was informed by the HSE that Peel Ports has pledged to provide purpose-built toilets for both male and female drivers opposite the loading bays at the site by September.

In the interim the company has made both male and female facilities in a nearby building available to drivers, removing electronic locks that had previously prevented drivers from gaining access.

The male and female toilets in the building have also been upgraded, according to HSE, with the male toilets in full working order providing hot and cold running water, two urinals, two cubicles and two sinks.

In the female toilet, the firm has fitted a new seat, removed an old shower unit, boxed in pipework, provided hot and cold running water and ordered a sanitary bin.

Peel Ports has also provided working electric hand dryers in both toilets and arranged daily cleaning.

Higgins welcomed the improvements made by Peel Ports.

Referring to CM’s campaign for improved HGV driver facilities, she added: “I am gobsmacked. I have been going to union meetings for months over this issue and we were led to believe this would take a long time. But one female driver – helped by your magazine – has managed to get Peel Ports to take action.”

Higgins, who also complained to the HSE about toilet facilities at food processor Thew Arnott earlier this year, called on other drivers to take a stand. “I would encourage others to go to the HSE. If we want things to change and conditions to improve, we have to take action.”

A spokesperson for Peel Ports told CM: “We have recently responded to an enquiry from the Health and Safety Executive regarding the provision of toilet facilities for HGV drivers at the Port of Liverpool. We have provided detail of our existing provision for both male and female drivers, as well as outlining a number of recently completed improvements. The HSE have confirmed that they are satisfied the provision meets all relevant regulations for visiting drivers.”

Image: PA Images