New DAF XF range launched


After one of the longest lives is truck history, the 1987 DAF XF has finally been replaced with a brand new, clean sheet design. The new XF’s most obvious features surround the all-new cab, the first from any manufacturer to be designed to meet the latest regulations on truck weights and measures, relaxed in the interests of aerodynamics, emissions, safety and driver accommodation.

The new range includes the XF, broadly similar in size to the current Super Space Cab, together with the XG, which has an extra 330mm of length behind the B-pillar, and the XG+ which adds another 200mm of roof height to the equation. The result is 12.5cu m of interior space, 14% more than the Super Space Cab.

While the range of engines is nominally unchanged, with six choices ranging from 370hp to 530hp, their internals are substantially altered to improve efficiency, accounting for some 3% of DAF’s claimed 10%  overall improvement in efficiency. Detail changes have also been made to the TraXon driveline to improve functionality and efficiency.

DAF joins the mirror camera club with its own version which adds retractable cameras and digital front/corner cameras to the spec. A full range of the latest safety technology is fitted.

Inside, the driver gets a completely new 12in digital instrument panel as standard, with the option of a secondary 10” display for navigation and infotainment. The whole of the cab interior appears to be of a very high quality.

The new range goes on sale today, with the first customer vehicles, including right-hand drive 6x2 tractors, due to begin production in October, including at Leyland and a brand new cab factory in Belgium.

You can read the full story of the new DAF XF range in Commercial Motor next week (17 June)

Fine and points for overtaking HGV driver

An HGV driver showed “complete disregard for the rules of the road” when he breached solid white lines on the A36 and overtook two vehicles.

Matthew Lobley, 46, has now been fined and received points on his licence after dash cam footage showed he was driving on the wrong side of the road in Wiltshire. The driver pleaded guilty to failing to comply with solid white line road markings at Salisbury Magistrates and fined £155 and given three penalty points.

In the footage, supplied by a member of the public to the police, Lobley can be seen driving along the A-road near Warminster, contravening the road markings to overtake two vehicles, with vehicles travelling in the opposite direction. Sgt Will Ayres of the roads policing unit said the stretch of road was the site of a double fatal collision in 2018 following a breach of the white line system and drivers should be taking extra care.

“It is only through good fortune that this complete disregard for the rules of the road to be a couple of cars ahead in the traffic didn’t result in a collision or worse,” he said. “You must not cross or straddle a white line. The only time this is acceptable it to pass a stationary vehicle, push bike, horse or road maintenance vehicle that is traveling at less than 10mph. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the member of the public who submitted the dash-cam footage that enabled this prosecution.”