New front drive option for DAF tractors

DAF has entered the market for trucks fitted with occasional on-demand hydraulic front-wheel-drive systems. Its first application will be on CF and XF 4x2 tractors powered by PACCAR MX11 and MX13 engines, with other variants to follow later in the year in response to market reaction. DAF’s offering has been developed in association with the German heavy-duty and off-road conversion specialist Paul Nutzfarzeuge, hence the option’s designation PXP (Paul Xtra Power). Reflecting its specialist nature, the option will cost in the region of €25,000 (£21,700).

The system is controlled by a dashboard switch, but remains on standby until driven axle slip is detected, when the hydraulic drive to the front axle is immediately activated. The amount of drive provided is directly related to the rear axle slip detected.

The function is available in the first four forward gears and first and second reverse gears, at speeds up to 20kph. At faster speeds or in higher gears, the system automatically disengages returns to standby until needed again.

The front drive is provided by individual hydraulic hub motors, operating at 360bar to produce up to 6,435Nm of torque. The hydraulic power is provided from a PTO-driven pump and tank which can be shared with other hydraulic consumers such as hook and skip loaders.