New guide for electric van buyers

In the face of the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, fleet management specialist Arval is launching a new guide at the forthcoming CV Show, entitled “Delivering the future: A guide to operating electric vans”.

Intended to provide operational guidance for fleets that are planning to operate electric vans, especially for the first time, it recognises that they present challenges to conventional diesel vans. Top of the list is the absence of the requirement for MOT testing on some vans.

Arval’s fleet CV consultant, Eddie Parker, said: “The legislation covering electric vans is lagging some way behind the current situation, being really designed for a time when the only common electric commercial vehicles were milk floats. Our view is that this loophole will, and should, be closed quite quickly by the authorities but in the meantime, it does create an operational difficulty. Because fleet vans are often run into three, four and five years, the MoT provides useful structure for fleets when it comes to maintaining vehicles, as well as proving that they are being looked after to legal standards.”

Another potential problem area is that electric vans are legislated for as wheeled items of electrical plant and therefore affected by rules covering electrical equipment in the workplace such as The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016. Parker added “The legislation here is largely common sense but it should be kept in mind because it does constitute a further legal responsibility for fleets and may need building into relevant fleet and health and safety policies.”