New vehicles from Kazakhstan/S Africa consortium

SEND IN THE TROOPS: Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering, a Kazakhstan/South African consortium, has launched its latest range of military use, mine-resistant ambush protection vehicles. The all-wheel-drive trucks, which use Cummins engines and Allison transmissions, are capable of being operated by drivers with basic driving skills. They are designed to withstand Kazakhstan’s extreme climate, which sees temperatures ranging from -50C to 50C.

MEPs vote to introduce longer cabs sooner

DAF long-nose prototype

The European Parliament has voted to implement rules to allow longer, more aerodynamic cabs much earlier than planned. The original plan was to grant derogation from the current maximum length rules from mid-2022 but MEPs on the Transport and Tourism Committee voted almost unanimously on 23 January to implement the derogation just six months after the rules come into force. That date has yet to be announced.

The aim of the proposal, tabled by the Commission, is to allow earlier introduction of more streamlined truck cabs, which would help reduce air drag and increase fuel efficiency, cut emissions from the transport sector and improve drivers’ visibility from the cab to improve road safety.

Committee chair Karima Delli said: “Now that manufacturers are ready to move forward, it’s time to ensure that cabins become aerodynamic to use less fuel and produce fewer emissions. This will help drivers to have a better vision and improve road safety, especially for vulnerable road users. We shall do our best to prevent member states from watering down the proposal as it stands, to have these aerodynamic trucks on the road as soon as possible.”