Ontime Logistics takes delivery of new Mercedes-Benz Actros GigaSpace

Ontime Logistics

Ontime Logistics has taken delivery of a new Mercedes-Benz Actros GigaSpace with tag-axle. The Actros 2663 is powered by a 15.6-litre engine producing 625hp and has been specified with a sliding wheel from Jost, Alcoa alloy wheels and an infilled chassis from SB Components. The Actros also has high-performance headlights, a second 350-litre fuel tank rather than the standard 290-litre tank found on lifting back axle trucks, and Mercedes’ back-lit star grille.

The new truck joins two other relatively new Mercedes on the Ontime Logistics fleet with the other units being Actros GigaSpace 2553s with 12.8-litre engines and 530hp which were added in the autumn last year.

The units have been supplied by local Dealer Sparshatt Truck & Van, and have been purchased outright in contrast to the other Mercedes on their fleet which are lease vehicles from Sparshatt’s rental division.

The vehicles will be used for transporting shipping containers on fixed and extendable skeletal trailers, and in chilled and ambient distribution services from the company’s base in the Isle of Grain peninsula.

Owner, Wayne Baber said: “I wanted something a bit special this time, and the most powerful Actros with the biggest cab, a rear-lift axle and all the ‘whistles and bells’ fitted the bill nicely. It’s everything I’d hoped for, and more, a fantastic looking truck with some amazing technology. We all love it. The Actros has proved to be fuel-efficient and popular with our drivers – we like to make the guys as comfortable and safe as possible, so send them out in high-end equipment with fridges, microwaves and lots of other extras. They’re big fans of the Mercedes-Benz, which is beautifully built and lovely to drive. They seem always to get a good night’s sleep as well.”

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