Renault Trucks to get new Turbo Compound engine

Renault Trucks has revealed details of its new diesel engine using Turbo Compounding technology to help reduce fuel consumption by as much as 10%. The 13-litre DE13 engine will be available in T, T High, C and K ranges.

The Euro-6e engine have an altered combustion cycle and get new injectors for greater precision. To improve efficiency, Renault Trucks has also focused on reducing frictional losses, redesigning the connecting rods, pistons and the crankshaft while adding a new high-performance ball-bearing turbocharger. There’s also a variable flow oil pump which is combined with low-viscosity oils, an optimised post-treatment system and a new engine control unit, all of which help to make up the 10% improvement in fuel economy.

Order books for right-hand-drive trucks will open in the second quarter of 2022 with deliveries expected by the end of the year.

Despite the introduction of new diesel engines, Renault Trucks has confirmed it will end sales of fossil fuel products by 2040 and will have a full range of zero tailpipe emission trucks by 2023, including long haul and construction vehicles.

The French truck makers says that demand for alternative fuelled trucks is increasing and believes that 10% of truck sales over 12-tonnes will be for zero tailpipe emission vehicles by the end of 2025.

Ford Trucks moves into France and eyes-up the UK too

Ford Trucks is continuing its aggressive expansion across Western Europe, having announced a move into France. 

The Turkish truck maker has formed F-Trucks France, a joint venture with established dealers Groupe Maurin, Groupe DMD and Groupe Amplitude. It will have 25 dealer points open by the start of 2022, with a further five added by 2023. The company already had a presence in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium, and next year will enter the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. 

“We are quite aggressive in our expansion plans,” said Muskara Caner Sinanoglu, MD France Ford Trucks, who confirmed that the UK also forms part of its future plans. “We are working on a right-hand-drive, and are in talks with people.”

Ford’s F-MAX scooped the International Truck of the Year award in 2019.