Sentinel Systems to guide operators on Direct Vision safety systems at Freight in the City Expo


With TfL’s Direct Vision Standard due to come into force next year, vehicle safety expert Sentinel Systems will be heading to Freight in the City Expo to offer guidance to operators on ensuring their fleets comply.

TfL has been working with industry to rate lorries over 12 tonnes from zero to five stars depending on how much direct vision is possible from their cabs.

From October 2020, those with a zero rating will be banned from entering the capital unless they are fitted with mitigating safety systems to reduce the dangers to vulnerable road users (VRUs).

Sentinel Systems has reviewed the requirements for zero-rated HGVs and is keen to advise operators on the importance of installing a sensor system to warn drivers of VRUs, an audible vehicle manoeuvring warning and a fully operational camera monitoring system.

It recommends the following:

  • A fully operational camera monitoring system and a sensor system with driver alerts are both mandatory requirements to ensure blind spots are covered, whilst vehicles will be required to have a fully operational camera monitoring system on the nearside of the vehicle and comprehensive sensor system to warn drivers of anyone close to the vehicle.
  • The recommended specification for sensors advises that sensors on rigid vehicles should ensure coverage six metres down the nearside or one metre from the rear of the vehicle, whichever is smaller. Sensors should also not activate when near stationary vehicles or roadside furniture. It is also recommended that additional front sensors comply with coverage set out in the UNECE Regulation 46 Class VI mirror coverage zone.
  • When it comes to warning of intended manoeuvres, the TFL guidance recommends that vehicles should have a manual on/off switch for use between 11.30pm and 7am. Operators should also consider an audible warning system that combines warnings and white noise. The use of warning signage should also not be offensive and should not give instructional advice to the people walking and cycling. The text point size should be legible by a cyclist or pedestrian at a reasonable distance from the vehicle.

Sentinel Systems’ safety camera package can be customised to meet the individual requirements of each fleet, depending on the size and operations of each vehicle.

The camera system can be created using any number of Sentinel’s systems, including forward, rear and side facing cameras for a 360° view of the vehicle’s surroundings.

“We’re looking forward to talking to visitors at the Freight in the City Expo who want to know more about our safety solutions and how our specialist equipment can help save lives by improving drivers’ all-round vision and awareness,” said a company spokeswoman.

Come and talk to the Sentinel team at Freight in the City Expo on 6 November at Alexandra Palace. It’s free to visit and is a ‘must-see’ event for anyone involved with urban logistics. Register for your free pass today!

Commercial Vehicle Auctions combines truck and plant sale

CVA new site

Commercial Vehicle Auctions (CVA) has introduced a new combined plant and used truck sale at its Doncaster sale site to get more stock in front of a wider audience.

The first of the new format sales, which saw running and static plant sales paired up with the regular running truck auction was held on 22 October and saw 55% of all stock sold generating a total of £850,000. 

Speaking about the new format auction, CVA MD Ross Dalton said: “We’ve noticed that our truck buyers will buy the odd bit of plant if it’s in a truck sale, but they buy it in a very ad hoc way. None of the plant buyers buy those items though because they just don’t come to the auctions. That’s why we thought about putting more product in front of them both. It doubles our crowd, creates extra buyers and should lead to more stock as success will breed more success.”

Highlights of the first sale included the last of a batch of coaches which CVA had been gradually releasing on to the market, as well as a 2010 Johnston’s road sweeper on a DAF LF55 chassis which performed strongly to reach a £33,000 sale price.

Dalton added: “It [the coach sale] was a superb achievement and goes to prove how a steady drip feed of stock for large batches can see prices gradually rise once we’ve had the chance to build a marketplace for them. The demand we have built for them with an extensive advertising campaign saw prices peak at up to 100% higher values for the same product.”

The combined truck and plant auction will continue once a month, which Dalton believes will prove popular for plant customers as the more regular auction will allow assets to be remarketed sooner, having previously only had a sale every six weeks.