Slight return but UK heavy truck registrations remain stuck in reverse

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UK heavy truck registrations staged a slight come back in August but remain in negative territory despite the EU as a whole enjoying growth during 2018.

The latest data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), shows 2,729 trucks at 16 tonnes and above were registered in July in the UK, 15.2% lower than the same period a year ago.

In August 1,856 vehicles at 16 tonnes and above were registered in the UK, a decline of 9.4% year on year.

In contrast, the number of registrations in this weight category across the EU was up 6.9% up at 24,722 in July and 8.6% higher year on year in August at 20,249 units.

It means that on balance heavy truck registrations in the EU remain 5.1% up on the corresponding period of 2017 in the first eight months of the year at 205,628.

In contrast the UK market is smaller in the first eight months of this year than it was in 2017, with 22,925 registrations representing an 8.9% decline compared with a year ago.

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