Tevva convinced of electric power for urban operations

Tevva has faith in electricity

Essex-based TEVVA displayed a pair of 12-tonne range-extended electric vehicles.
David Thackray, Tevva sales and marketing director, said the new truck is available “with or without a range extender. With the range extender it has an 80kwH battery, and without the truck has a 154kwH battery”.
Thackray told CM that the vehicles are available with a full repair and operating lease, which costs 25% more per month but saves 30p per operating mile. He said Tevvas covering in excess of 1,400 miles per month will have a total cost of ownership advantage over equivalent diesel-powered trucks. 
The first RHD examples will be delivered in December, while 50 more will start work next May. 


TEVVA electric truck and Electrify program

DAF pushed the benefits of HVO during Freight in the City

DAF at Freight in the City

DAF pushed the benefits of hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO), and showed a Euro-6 LF 230 FA 4x2 skip-loader which, like all DAF models, can run on the fuel without any modifications. One of the advantages of HVO, DAF claims, is hauliers can utilise both it and diesel on tramping operations where EVs are less practical.

Marketing manager Phil Moon said: “EVs can be unpredictable in terms of range as the infrastructure isn’t there. HVO offers a 45% reduction in CO2, and you can use it on the way to a drop, but use diesel on the way back if you so wished."

But Moon explained that HVO is between 5% and 10% more expensive per litre than diesel, which puts some operators off. “If there was a government incentive like there is with EVs, more operators would take up the idea”.

Check out the show highlights from Freight in the City 2019 in this video: https://youtu.be/rmbH-V7-OMo

Freight In The City 2019 Highlights