Tippers 'R' Us replaces its entire Volvo fleet with Scanias


Ipswich-based Tippers ‘R’ Us has replaced its entire Volvo fleet with 35 new Scanias, including 25 P410 XT Boweld-bodied tippers.

“We have been so impressed with Scania’s aftersales,” said group transport manager Claire Mortimer. “If I ring them, I know that within 30 seconds they will have it sorted.”

She has also been pleasantly surprised with the new trucks’ fuel consumption figures.

“The Volvos were pulling in high 5s and low 6s, while the Scanias are doing high 7s and even low 9s, which is a massive difference across a fleet of 35 vehicles,” she said. “And we are not talking about tramping. These trucks are working within a 50-mile radius of here, with a lot of stopping and starting.”

The new trucks will remain on the Tippers ‘R” Us fleet for between 12 and 18 months, before either being sold or rented through sister company Trucks ‘R’ Us.


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