TISS creates superhero to tackle fuel theft

TISS superhero

TISS aims to make hauliers more aware of fuel theft through its ‘Superhero’ initiative, which the company claims will help “rid the world of fuel theft” and promote its TankSafe Optimum device.

By turning its TankSafe Optimum anti-fuel syphoning device into a superhero named, “Your Fuel Security Hero”, TISS states its personified TankSafe Optimum product is capable of fighting off rogue anti-syphons, thus preventing the skimming and theft of fuel.

The campaign was teased before release last month and, TISS spokesperson Nick Hyde said, it was “received very well”. 

Illustrator Andrew Green created the character, as well as the range of villains. TISS’ commercial director, Matthew Rose, said: “We felt it was important we gave TankSafe Optimum an identity so we came up with the idea of a superhero who can protect fleets from diesel theft and spillages.”

Rose added: “Our aim with this campaign is to show that, like many superheroes, there is only one device who can defeat the enemy of fuel theft and spillages, and that is TankSafe Optimum.”

Refrigerated 2011 DAF LF 220 - Used Truck of the Day


Today’s refrigerated offering comes from Global Commercials’ forecourt in Oakley Green, Berkshire. This 2011 DAF LF 220 18-tonner features a Gray & Adams 9m body cooled by a Carrier Transicold system.

This LF has completed 655,000km, but has been well maintained throughout its working life. The body has barn doors situated at the rear and a left-side door for road-side access. Air suspension is also included, while there’s a tail lift at the rear. 

Inside the day cab there’s a night heater, air conditioning, and a heated driver’s seat.

This DAF is on the market for £11,950, and the price includes six months MoT.