TruckTower could help to ease Europe's lack of truck parking spaces

Three German companies have collaborated to form TruckTower, an innovative solution to Europe’s truck parking problems. Complete with a central lift and moving platforms, the multi-storey truck park can store 16 artics in a space previously used for four. 

Project manager Dr Felix Hackbarth, says the concept is attracting a lot of attention, both with hauliers, and also truck parks. In the case of the latter, drivers would leave their vehicles in the secure TruckTower, and sleep in an adjoining hotel. 

Vehicles are stacked in the order in which they will be required the next morning. However, if a truck is needed unexpectedly, it will take between five and 10 minutes to access it. 

Hackbarth says in the future battery-electric trucks could be charged overnight at TruckTower, and believes the concept could also be adapted to accommodate trailers dropped off by autonomous vehicles.