UK heavy truck registrations continue decline in October

new Actros 2018


Registration of new trucks at 16 tonnes and above fell in October, continuing a trend of overall decline for 2018.

The latest data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) shows registrations fell by 9.9% in the UK to 3,456 (3,837) last month.

In comparison France saw new truck registrations increase by 13.8% to 5,113 (4,494) and Germany by 18.6% to 6,207 (5,235).

New truck registrations at 16 tonnes and above were up 7.7% overall during October in the EU at 31,029 (28,813).

Year to date (October) heavy truck registrations in the UK are 7.4% lower year on year at 30,699 (33,169).

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