Walker Humphrey cooks up a pair of DAF 18 tonners

Leeds-based bakery supplier Walker Humphrey has taken delivery of a pair of DAF CF 18 tonners.

The rigids are the first vehicles at this weight that the company has operated having moved up from 16-tonnes

General manager, Simon Rennison, said: “We knew our existing 16-tonne vehicles were

good for deliveries to smaller customers in towns and villages locally, even farm shops down country lanes, but needed something bigger for bulk orders to larger customers.”

Walker Humphrey took trialled an 18-tonner from Dawsongroup on rental, before quickly realising its improved productivity benefits. They then took that truck and a similar unit on a two-year contract hire agreement.

The decision has proven to be a wise one, and a third DAF CF 18-tonner has been ordered from Dawsongroup truck and trailer on a five-year contract with the company now looking to replace its remaining 16-tonne trucks with the larger rigids.

“It’s such a convenient way of operating for us and makes perfect economic sense as we get a fixed budget for the duration of the contract. Dawsongroup then takes care of all the regular servicing, maintenance and routine checks, as well as tyres and tax, so we can concentrate on planning routes and loads for our customers,” explains Rennison.

Thermo King cools the supply chain with $100m investment

Thermo King is to invest more than $100m (£72m) over the next three years to deliver a fully electric product in every segment of the cold chain by 2023.

The developments will appear as part of the company’s all-electric portfolio, evolve, and will include electric refrigeration solutions for truck, trailer, rail, air and marine transport.

Electric solutions will be available in every cold chain segment in EMEA by 2023, and adopted in the Americas by 2025.

“Bold solutions for a more sustainable world are core to our strategy. We continue to innovate to help reduce the carbon footprint of customer operations,” said Paul Camuti, chief technology and sustainability officer for Trane Technologies, owner of Thermo King.

“The evolve portfolio builds on our ongoing efforts to help customers reduce environmental impact and meet their sustainability goals as they transition fleets and stay ahead of future regulation,” he continued.

Karin De Bondt, president for Thermo King Americas, added: “Our expertise in electrification has positioned Thermo King as a trusted partner to respected industry leaders such as Isuzu, Tesco, Mercedes-Benz and technology companies such as ELMS, Gatik and BPW who continue to find new ways to innovate the cold chain.”