Schmitz Cargobull (UK) to sell Harelaw site

Trailer and body manufacturer Schmitz Cargobull (UK) is to relocate its head office and parts facility to Warrington, as it reorganises its operation following the decision to close its factory in the North-East last year.

The move ends any hope of production returning to the UK, and the transfer of the head office and parts store means the 44,000m2 Harelaw site will be sold.

Paul Avery, MD of Schmitz Cargobull (UK), says Warrington is an ideal location. "It is home to a large and well-established Schmitz Cargobull operation already, plus it offers the capacity to comfortably accommodate our head office and parts teams," he says.

The 2.5-acre Warrington site, which houses the used trailers and refurbishment operation, has a three-bay workshop, parts warehouse and on-site parking for more than 80 trailers. Avery says the parts warehouse in Warrington can be fully used to serve as the company's primary UK parts store.

"From September it will house more than £500,000-worth of original equipment parts," he says.

"Many of the largest UK trailer fleets are based in a 150-mile radius of Birmingham and our home in Warrington will put us firmly in that geographic area, which is a positive step."

The move will take place in the summer and comes 10 months after the German company decided to close the doors on the Harelaw factory.