SDC gets approval for all five longer semi-trailer models

Trailer manufacturer SDC has been granted approval by the Vehicle Certification Agency, an executive agency of the Department for Transport, for all five of its longer semi-trailer models.

Under the stipulations of the ten year longer semi-trailer trial all specifications of trailer must meet the turning circle requirement set out in regulation 31A(1) of the Construction and Use regulation 1986 – meaning the tractor (either 4x2 or 6x2) and trailer must be able to turn in a 12.5m circle.

SDC models meeting the VCA mandatory requirements for Vehicle Special Order are:

  • 14.65m self steer rated for 44-tonnes
  • 15.65m self steer rated for 44-tonnes
  • 15.65m single Tri Dec command steer rated for 44-tonnes
  • 15.65m single Muldoon command steer rated for 44-tonnes
  • 15.65m twin Tri Dec command steer rated for 44-tonnes

SDC managing director Mark Cuskeran says: “We are delighted to be the first manufacturer to achieve our LST Model Report which makes our range of trailers road legal. 

“We were quite confident that our trailers would pass the physical testing carried out by the VCA as we have currently 70 longer semi-trailers in build.”

TNT fleet refresh continues apace

TNT Express has taken delivery of a quarter of the new tractor-units it is introducing to refresh its fleet and ensure that it meets the newly raised emission stands of the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

The company, which revealed a £20m, 600-vehicle, refresh last year, has taken delivery of 22 of the 107 tractor units it has ordered. It has also deployed 100 new Cartwright-built Cheetah Fastback trailers.

TNT has also received the first of 190 5-tonne vehicles and 60 7.5-tonne trucks, as part of a plan to increase the amount of smaller vehicles in its delivery fleet.

Simon Harper, TNT’s director of operations, says: “This equipment will be deployed across the network to equalise annual mileage and to meet the revised London LEZ regulations being introduced on 3 January.”

Since the start of the year, vehicles over 3.5-tonnes entering London have been required to be Euro-4 at minimum in order to avoid fines.

TNT is also starting a trial of double-deck trailers within its network and was among the operators successfully accepted into the Department for Transport’s longer semi-trailer pilot. It will be running 13 of the 15.65 metre variation.