SED 2011 used truck dealer event cancelled


Laurie Dealer has just heard that SED 2011 has been cancelled. In the past many truck dealers have attended the event, acting as representatives for the manufacturers.

Independents have been there too, including Huddersfield-based Mac's Truck Sales and Bicester-based Kel-Berg proved became mainstays at the event. 



Official word came from Robert Brighouse, managing director:

Important Visitor Announcement

Regretfully, I am writing to inform you that RBI has taken the decision to cancel Site Equipment Demonstration (SED) 2011, which was due to take place on May 17th-19th 2011.

The recession in construction has continued to affect suppliers' marketing budgets and despite the hard work of the sales team and goodwill from the market, the current level of commitment to next year's show is not what we had hoped and our feeling is the show is unlikely to meet our expectations. We therefore feel that we have no alternative but to cancel the show.

Since the closure of Contract Journal, RBI has supported SED with the monthly magazine Site Equipment Manager, and the website Both these brands will close with immediate effect as a result of the cancellation of the show.  

Thank you for your support of SED and the other RBI construction brands over the years, it has been much appreciated.

Robert Brighouse
Managing Director


Driver training is key to compliance

With VOSA increasing its 24/7 road presence through patrols and technologies like WIMS Sensors and now the trial use of speed guns to provide information on speed limiter and fraudulent tachograph recording offences, the importance of investing in compliance training for drivers should be high on all operators' agendas.

Compliance is a common concern for all operators and with VOSA now utilising several means of detection to identify unroadworthy vehicles or fraudulent activities, it is imperative for drivers to become more vigilant and responsible. Drivers know their vehicles better than anyone else, but they need to have a greater understanding of the importance of daily walkaround checks, safe loading and the law - because even if they don't get stopped at the roadside there and then, if they have been caught on camera and the offence is deemed serious, VOSA, in the interests of safety, will come and investigate the operator.

To achieve this level of understanding, operators need to invest in driver training. We all know that Driver CPC continues to split opinions, but it's not going away, so why not use the training to educate drivers on subjects that will really mean something to them and add value to the business, i.e. daily walkaround checks, safe loading and legislative courses.

In the long run, this will benefit the operation by reducing vehicle maintenance costs and the potential to receive fines and penalties - plus it should result in a safer working environment with fewer accidents.

From digital tachographs and legislation to the new safe loading module, all of Tachodisc's Driver CPC courses focus on important compliance issues related to the O-licence. To help operators and drivers, Tachodisc also produces a range of daily vehicle check and defect report books and has recently created a detailed daily vehicle check wall poster to be a daily visual reminder and aid for drivers. For more information on Tachodisc, go to or

For more compliance advice and fleet management best practice, go to our Compliance page and sign up for our monthly bulletin, in association with Tachodisc and TomTom Business Solutions.