The Dealers, the story of ordinary used truck folk in 101 words. Episode six, New PPE

The queue at Lidl stretched around the corner. It was Thursday. Special Offer day. In the line of people waiting for the doors to open was Asbo Trev. He’d asked for new gloves and a jacket, as the current gloves and coat had seen better days.

“More holes than a sieve…” had been his lead argument. The Boss nodded and, conscious of Mrs Dealer’s austerity measures, had packed him off to Lidl with £20 from petty cash.

An elderly lady, who appeared to be held upright by the trolley she gripped with all her might, enquired: “You here for the geraniums?”

In the next episode, will AsBo Trev resist the aggressively priced Mild Coloured Cheddar? Find out in the next episode of The Dealers, the story of ordinary used truck folk in a 101 words.

(The Dealers is a Road Transport Media Production. Author and editor is Laurie Dealer – characters are fictional and not based on any living person, any likeness is coincidental)

URTU men in Driver CPC probe have bail extended for the third time

The United Road Transport Union (URTU) men at the centre of a probe into Driver CPC training activities have had their bail extended until December.

The seven men include general secretary Bob Monks, national officer Mel Thornton and regional officers Lee Pimbley and Mike Billingham.

They were originally arrested on 15 February on suspicion of fraud by false representation.

As part of the operation a warrant was executed at URTU’s offices in Cheadle Hulme.

This is the third time the men’s bail has been extended. A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said they are due to answer it again on 6 December.

An URTU spokesman said all the men continued to cooperate fully with the investigation.