Priden Engineering unveils Zero-T bulk blower at Tip-ex

Priden Engineering Zero-T


Priden Engineering launched its Zero-T bulk blower for animal feed deliveries at Tip-ex, which it bills as its safest ever as it removes the need for tipping.

The Zero-T uses a conveyor belt to unload animal feed, removing the need to tip. It claimed this is a safer system of unloading, as tippers may topple over when delivering into farms on uneven grounds or in high winds.

The trailer has compartments above the conveyor belt where the animal feed is stored. When the trailer compartment is opened, the load drops onto the conveyor that goes to the rear and then is blown out of the vehicle.

The trailer allows operators to deliver in high winds, under overhead cables or in buildings that tippers are unable to reach. 

The Zero-T also has an electronic door cut off system, which automatically cuts power to the rear feeder and moving parts if the door is opened while it is operational. In addition, there is a master override switch that can prevent accidental overload.

“It is all with health and safety in mind, trying to keep the operator safe at all times,” said director Kevin Walker.

The Zero-T also has increased blowing performance as there are no 90 degree bends between the blower and the feeder.

Priden Engineering claimed the pipework, non-tip body and silencers on the Zero-T also make it the quietest trailer it has made.

Priden had been tight-lipped about the Zero-T before its launch, Walker added. “We have had quite a few people ring up our sales team wanting to place orders when they haven’t even had it out on test."

The launch of the Zero-T coincided with Priden launching its new branding and website. “It is designed to take us forward into the future – but also acknowledge our past,” said Walker.

In addition, Priden recently developed Priden Financial Services, giving customers the option to purchase a complete financial package for a product. 

S&B Commercials supplies Arocs tractor unit to Tamdown

S&B Commercials Mercedes-Benz

Essex-based Infrastructure specialist Tamdown has ordered its first Mercedes-Benz truck - an Arocs 3363 with pedestrian recognition technology - from S&B Commercials.

The 80-tonne tractor unit has a StreamSpace cab, 15.6-litre straight-6 engine producing 625hp and 16-speed PowerShift 3 automated gearbox.It comes with an optional safety pack that includes the manufacturer’s latest Active Brake Assist 4 autonomous braking system, with pedestrian recognition technology.

On detecting a pedestrian, Active Brake Assist 4 will apply partial, but not full, braking while simultaneously activating acoustic and visual warnings.The truck pulls a twin rear-steer low-loader Faymonville trailer, to transport plant, excavators, dumpers, crushers and screeners.

It includes a CharterWay contract hire agreement with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and is maintained at S&B’s vehicle maintenance unit in Hatfield.Tamdown runs a fleet of more than 200 vehicles and works primarily in London and the South-East.

Plant and procurement director Mark Cain said: “We are always conscious at Tamdown of our duty of care, both to our own employees and to other road users, and committed to compliance in its broadest sense.

“We were persuaded, therefore, by the reassuring armoury of advanced safety technology with which we have been able to equip our new Arocs.”

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