Used Renault dealer says Euro-6 to be big in 2017

The first Euro-6 Renaults are coming to the used market in 2017, the boss of RH Commercial Vehicles has said, and he expects there to be a strong demand for them.

Nigel Baxter, MD at the East Midlands-based Renault Trucks dealer, said almost all second-hand Euro-6 examples will have been dealer maintained as a result of repair and maintenance packages agreed at the time of the original purchase.

Baxter said he is concerned that the market for Euro-5 and older trucks is overflowing and added that there is already real pressure on pricing from the oversupply pushing down the price. He said that he doubted this would improve in 2017.

“While this can provide some good deals for buyers, trucks need to come out of circulation as there are simply too many in the market,” he said.

“In the long term the sector will have to accept some sort of scrappage (scheme) in order to ensure that the supply side of the market is controlled to support quality and values.”

Looking ahead, he added: “Our Euro-6 pricing will represent strong but fair value. We are treating the marketing and sale of used Euro-6 models the same as our offer on new trucks including repair and maintenance or warranty.”

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