VRA gauge GDP mood at conference

Laurie Dealer has been pouring over an impromptu straw poll commissioned by the Vehicle Remarketing Association at its inaugural conference today (25 January 2011).

More than 150 companies from manufacturers and auctions, to data providers and car leasing companies were asked: Following today's surprise news of a fall in GDP of 0.5% in Q4 2010, has your opinion of the likelihood of a double-dip recession changed?

  • 42% of the audience said they now believe that a double dip recession is more likely
  • 35% felt their opinion had not changed
  • 23% felt that a double dip recession is unlikely

Making sense of that fell to VRA chairman John Davies. "The news arrived midway through the morning of our conference so we were in a good position to gauge a reaction from a cross section of business leaders.

"According to our survey, nearly half (42%) had changed their opinion and felt that a double dip recession was more likely, while just over a third (35%) said their opinion had not changed. This news has obviously given everybody food for thought."

Suckling boss releases second novel

Suckling Transport MD Peter Larner has stepped up his game - his novel-writing game that is. His second book, Deathbed Confessions, is a cracker - and begging to be adapted for TV.

Deathbed is a sequel to Larner's full-blown debut Lost In Hurricane, and focuses on the hero of the first book, Jack Daly.

Larner weaves in plenty of his own life story and experiences as Jack tries to unravel the mystery of his family's past. That past hides many dark secrets, and they are revealed faster (and in greater detail) to the reader than to Jack as each character tells their version of events in the first person.

The hook on which each of these personal histories hang slowly becomes apparent, the final recall revealing an unexpected twist.

You don't need to have read Hurricane to enjoy Confessions, but if you have then there are extra nuances to be enjoyed.

The finale is a little contrived, but is rousing nonetheless and proves that life goes on no matter what. The journey to that conclusion is battered and bruising - this is a book with a tough heart, but a heart that at least twice brought CM to tears.

Highly recommended.

The book can be ordered from Amazon.com