Wincanton reveals more Chevron contract details

Wincanton has released more details of its new contracts with Chevron, which it first revealed earlier this month.

The logistics firm has signed two separate contracts with different Chevron divisions: Marine and Lubricants.

The three-year deal with Chevron Marine will see Wincanton distribute lubricants nationwide to customers in the shipping sector.

Wincanton has also secured a three-year extension to its Chevron Lubricants deal, which sees it deliver 7.4 million litres of oil to customers nationwide annually.

Chris Kingshott, MD of manufacturing at Wincanton, says: “The relationship with Chevron goes back to 1992.

"During this time, Chevron has moved to three different production facilities – Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent and Leeds – and with each move we have relocated our operation along with the customer.”

Laurie Dealer picks eight tunes and a book for Desert Island Discs

Laurie Dealer does Desert Island Discs.

Kirsty Young: “Today’s guest on Desert Island Discs is a man who has risen to the peak of his profession. After starting out as a valet he quickly rose through the ranks of the family business to become its sole proprietor. Lord of all used commercial vehicles, my castaway this week is Laurie Dealer.”

Laurie Dealer: “Hello.”

KY: “Hello, now I read somewhere that your father spent a great deal of his time trying to keep his brother in check, rather than nurturing you, just how wayward was your uncle?”

LD: “I can’t talk about it for legal reasons.”

KY: “OK, what is your first tune, and why have you chosen it?”

LD: “The first truck I sold was to a bloke named John, so every time I saw him after that I said “Hello John, got a new motor?” You know, as a joke, like.... Anyway, I can only imagine that the ‘alternative comedy’ circuit got wind of it because a few years later I heard this song on the radio…”

Alexi Sayle, Hello John, Got A New Motor

KY: “In your school years it has been said that you were an unwilling child, that you struggled to adapt, and that you were very nearly placed in the military to try and teach you some disciple?”

LD: “Kirsty, it’s a myth that has dogged my life from the moment I was born. I sold some ex-military trucks into the local Territorial Army unit but that’s as far as I am willing to discuss this matter. It remains in the hands of my solicitor.”

KY: “OK, what is your second tune?”

LD: “I have chosen a song that inspired me from the outset, it’s a song that sums up the work ethic my father embraced in the face of mounting press from the state. The lyrics are very poigkne... poigneant... important.”

Bernard Cribbins, Hole In The Ground

KY: “Your father retired and passed the reigns of the company to you, how did you adapt to becoming the boss?”

LD: “Like a like cat trying to fix a washing machine with a chair leg made from jelly. I went back to my father for advice, and he looked back at me like a dog I’d just shown a card trick (credit to Bill Hicks for that gag). Then he uttered the words that would come back to haunt me where ever I went…”lip up fatty”.

Bad Manners, Lip Up Fatty

KY: “The 1980s were seminal in turning around the business, can you explain what you did to try and establish the used truck dealership in your own name, using your influence to drive it forward, placing it at the vanguard of remarketing?”

LD: “I refused to employ my uncle.”

KY: “And what is your next song?”

LD: “His theme tune.”

Rolling Stones, Sympathy For The Devil

KY: “Through the 1990s the used truck market enjoyed its happiest times with the benefits of a positive economic period. How did your business develop as it entered the new century?”

LD: “Sales is a simple equation – buy it for one pound and sell it for two.”

KY: “Your fifth song is?”

LD: “Paid In Full.”

Eric B and Rakim, Paid In Full

KY: “How do you relax in your spare time?”

LD: “There are times when I believe having a hobby is an important tool to take away the pressure of frontline industrial negotiations and haggling rather than worry about the long-idle trucks on the forecourt…”

KY: “So, do you have a hobby?”

LD: “No.”

KY: “I read in the papers that you…”

LD: “That matter is in the hands of my solicitors.”

KY: “Your sixth song is?” 

LD: “…about distributing crap.”

The Wurzels, Champion Dung Spreader

KY: “You actively campaigned for all people to have the right to determine their own futures providing they had the means to do so,  what do you mean by this?”

LD: “In this day and age it is all to frequent that do-good organisations campaign to stop people doing what they want to do. I say, as I have always said, people should have the right to do what they want providing they have the means to do it and are willing to pay the dividend of their actions. For example, if a man believes he can fly, he should be allowed to try and pay the penalty for landing.

“At every turn we have some so-called expert telling us what is good for us, what is bad, what to think, because their opinion is the only one that counts.

“It is my opinion that those wishing to spout opinion and have it treated seriously should first do so at Speaker’s Corner to test the waters. I want valid, watertight constructive opinion. That is why Jimmy Armfield can do no wrong. He’s been there, done it and knows how to express his opinion in a fashion that incorporates respect.

“I don’t care how many medals Robbie Savage has won, how many miles he has pursued a ball, or why he dyes his hair, he sounds and acts like a man who has struggles to compete a sentence let alone understand cause and effect. Looking the part does not mask bitterness and ignorance.”

KY: “Which makes song number seven?”

LD: “Truly appropriate…”

Liam Lynch, Whatever

KY: “In an age where road transport is struggling with increasing levels of legislation, what would you do to improve the industry?”

LD: “Something to stop coffee granules getting into the sugar.”

KY: “OK, let’s wrap this up, what is your final song?”

LD: “Eight is it…oh, right ummmmm, hang one let me just tweet to see if I can get any suggestions…um…, not that one…ah, yes, good one…mid life crisis…”

Talking Heads, Once In A Lifetime

KY: “OK, which song resonates with you the most?”

LD: “Not sure what you are on about but I like all eight.” 

KY: “You are on an island with the Complete Works of Shakespeare, the Bible and which other book?”

LD: “The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell. It reminds me that people are their own worst enemy. Irrespective of the help offered by those in life that seek to make the world a better place by selfless acts, society instead endorses the path set out by those with vested interests beset by greed and quick-fix solutions.”

KY: “Laurie Dealer, thank you.”

LD: “No, thank you.”