Winterkorn Preaches Peace, Love and Mergers.

Interesting piece here about new VW boss Martin Winterkorn’s view of the MAN-Scania-VW fiasco. He suggests that the only way to bring the three together is within a framework of mutual respect and so on. We question how this might be achieved. Hey Hakkan, you just tried to burn my house down, but what the hell, come in, have a cup of tea and take a load off. Just keep away from the matches. Cojones we say. As does that Ostling character.Over at Volvo, meanwhile, and the rude gestures towards Munich continue. Leif Johnasson, quoted in FT Deutchsland, says: "In five years there will be only six or seven really big global truckmakers. We will be one of them." No shit, Sherlock. BTW, he doesn’t want to buy MAN.

Options for DaimlerChrysler

More talk of DaimlerChrysler dropping its last two syllables here. In truth, we rather like the idea of DC spinning off its truck business into a separate company. It makes money – even with Fuso – and could probably do a better job by itself than in its current position - which necessitates having to pony up to support the other ailing bits of the DC empire.Such a move has been spoken of in the past – and at some length – but we wonder if the time isn’t now right to turn words into actions.