Your van three years old? What's it worth?

Laurie Dealer noted with interest the most recent report from CAP's senior editor commercial motors, John Watts.

He says: "The state of the light commercials market can best be described as we head toward a difficult year as one of uneasy calm."

He also picks out some winners, well not so bad losers, and some very big losers on 07/57 plates.

Stand up if you own a Toyota HiLux, or LDV Maxus. Sit down if it's a Citroen Berlingo or Dispatch, or Ford Transit Connect...

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Real quality is thin on the ground

Apologies, Laurie Dealer has been very busy scouring the earth for quality, yet affordable stock. 

Truth is, there is enough out there but any trucks or vans (Laurie Dealer is also heading into plant, things are so tight) are not in a very good state. And with prices creeping up quality becomes an issue. No one wants to part with cash for ropy...rope, if you see what Laurie Dealer means.

Nevertheless, news that SMMT figures show the market down again, this time 33.1%, in September for trucks over 6.0-tonnes shows, as an industry, there won't be much coming through in the years to come. This year, the projected figure is just over 25,000 units.

Try carving that among the used market in three, four or five year's time. The UK could, three years down the line, see a rise in importing from mainland Europe and converting them or modifying the chassis. Not encouraging, but values in a sparse market will be driven by the manufacturers...