Zetsche: We're Not Scared.

Or so says this report from AFX. Questioned about the maybe yes, maybe no maybe does anyone care anymore merger between MAN, Scania and VW's truck business, DZ is reported to have said that, as DaimlerChrysler's Truck Group is already a world market leader and due to its size, it can already achieve synergies through scale effects."Therefore others are attempting to reach a position which we already have," he added.Zetsche also said DaimlerChrysler has separated the Bus business from the Truck Group division so that the latter's operational figures could be more transparent. Whether or not this is on the advice of Former FBI Director Louis Freeh, retained by DC in 2006 in order to assist in the internal investigation of bribery allegations involving company employees, remains uncertain. However, Zetsche did say that there are no plans to sell the bus biz. Which, given the seemingly questionable level of competence displayed by most people currently peforming Due Diligence within the auto industry at present is ..... you fill in the blanks.