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Edbro launches Rolatarp powered sheeting system

A powered sheeting system for tippers and hook-lifters has been developed by Edbro. The Rolatarp is hydraulically operated from a truck's hydraulic PTO. It can be retrofitted to work with most designs of 20-50yd3; the design is said to minimise the risk of damage during loading. Deployment in each direction takes about 25 seconds.          

TCs crack down on drivers using mobile phones

Police forces and Traffic Commissioners throughout the country are cracking down on truck drivers using hand-held mobile phones while driving, according to Scottish Traffic Commissioner Joan Aitken. During the course of a Dumfries public inquiry, the TC said all the TCs were now getting reports from police forces up and down the country about drivers using hand-held mobiles on the move. So far Aitken had dealt with three drivers - one of whom was an owner-operator - and suspended their LGV driving licences for 10 days.

Biggest container ship arrives in Felixstowe

The pre-Christmas rush has started at Felixstowe container port with the arrival of the biggest container ship in the world, the MV Emma Maersk. The ship is 397m long, 61.5m high and as wide as a motorway.

Modec electric vans will be built in Coventry

Modec, the environmentally friendly van manufacturer, has just completed a deal to take over a 4,900m2 factory in Coventry. From here it will roll out its electrically powered, emission-free urban delivery vans.The company, which was set up only this year by Jamie Borwick and Jevon Thorpe, manufactures vans that are exempt from road tax, congestion charges and operator licence requirements. The owners say the Modec vehicles have been designed with large urban delivery fleets in mind.

Rental firm says van limiters will have 'significant impact'

Many fleet operators are unaware that vans of 3.5-7.5 tonnes must be limited to 56mph from January 2007, according to TLS Vehicle Rental.All Euro-3 CVs registered between 1 October 2001 and 31 December 2004 and used exclusively on UK roads must be retrofitted with speed limiters. From January 2008 the rule will also apply to all vans registered after 1 January 2005, whether used on UK roads or internationally.TLS points out that the regulation was announced by the EU as far back as 2002.

Early release for tired Italian who rolled truck

An Italian truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel and rolled his truck, spilling its cargo of toxic chemicals over a motorway, has had his prison sentence cut on appeal. Francesco Ferrari fell asleep after more than 15 hours at the wheel. His truck mounted the slip road at J12 of the M20 near Sandgate, Kent, went straight over the other side, ploughed through a barrier and came to rest on its roof after rolling down a bank. His cargo of 50 gallon drums full of flammable, toxic and corrosive chemicals was spilt, but Ferrari escaped unhurt.

Checking water bills saves Keltruck thousands

Operators could save themselves a fortune in water costs, according to an auditing company that has just helped a truck dealer to claw back £32,000. Water Audit Services (WAS) says truck operators are often unaware of the potential that exists for reducing water bills. In less than two months of investigation it found incorrect charges were being levied on Midlands Scania dealer Keltruck and steps were taken to recover payments retrospectively.

Disqualification for original owner of collapsed CRS 24:7

The original owner of failed transport firm CRS 24:7 has been disqualified for 18 months after a public inquiry heard how his business had expanded rapidly at the expense of compliance.Gary Keenan has also been held to have lost his repute after Scottish Traffic Commissioner Joan Aitken read an "appalling" account from a traffic examiner of an investigation into CRS 24:7.Aitken has now requested that the new owners of the company, Andrew Croll and Barry Stanley - who also run Lancashire-based Fastserv - make submissions to her before she considers disqualifying them as well.

Expect Distribution to appeal against planning decision

West Yorks-based Expect Distribution is to appeal against council planning chiefs' decision to reject its expansion plans for a second time. After the initial proposals were rejected by planners at Calderdale Council, Expect made changes in a bid to win consent. However, the new plan was rejected too.

Transport blueprint expected to back road tolling

Former British Airways chief executive Sir Rod Eddington is expected to back road-user charging as well as increased spending on roads in his wide-ranging blueprint for the UK's transport infrastructure. Chancellor Gordon Brown has commissioned Eddington to find solutions to the nation's transport problems. Eddington's view is that drivers should pay to use roads with high levels of congestion, especially during peak periods.