3D International Haulage invests in TruTac’s TruFleet module

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December 14, 2020

Multi-temperature specialist 3D International Haulage has added TruTac’s TruFleet module to its existing management system.

It includes the ability to review vehicle histories, maintenance records, safety inspections, defect reporting, rectifications and audit checks, while the operator claims it has improved general management, efficiency and compliance, specifically with respect to O-licences. 

“We have 70 trucks on the system,” said senior transport manager Martin Rybka, “and having all relevant driver, tachograph and fleet information in one place means we can instantly check drivers’ hours, missing mileage and infringements from anywhere at any time.”

The system includes visibility of planned maintenance events such as inspections, MoTs, services, LOLER checks and repairs, records safety inspection history including the status of tyres and brakes and can be set up to issue reminders for tax, insurance and tachograph calibration dates.

“During a full audit a couple of years back, we were praised for our precise record keeping, accuracy and knowledge of compliance requirements,” added Rybka.

“The system fully integrates with our other TruTac compliance control products. Quite honestly, TruFleet is a lifesaver. It saves time, organises the garage, keeps us focused and above all, makes sure we remain compliant.”

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