8x4 DAF CF joins Jackson's Recovery

George Barrow
April 7, 2021

Jackson’s Recovery has added a new DAF CF 530 to its fleet to work alongside a 17-year old DAF CF 85.430 wrecker.

The new 8x4 has been specified with a 16-speed manual gearbox which the Wigton-based company believes is “ideal for recovery work”. The 80-tonne CF is based on DAF’s FAD 8x4 axle configuration with final-drive gearing chosen to optimise efficiency on its extensive motorway work.

Jackson’s Recovery has also opted for a nine-tonne front axle with air suspension, 13-tonne HR1670T hub-reduction rear axles and has a CF sleeper cab and Alcoa Dura Bright alloy wheels. The body is a Recoverer Trident body from Boniface Engineering, and has Sidewinder XP legs fitted with two 13.0-tonne winches. There’s also specialist low-height coupling gear from VDZ and a 45-tonne boom and 33-tonne capacity under-lift with Maxireach K Boom.

Supplied by Solway DAF in Carlisle, the £350,000 unit will work alongside the 53-plate CF 85.430 6x2 which is still on the road with 250,000km on the clock.

“The new CF 530 is a big investment but, if it’s as reliable as the old 6x2 DAF, it’ll be good for 20-years. We opted for a manual ‘box – we know it’s a little old fashioned but it’s still ideal for recovery work, and DAF is one of only a few manufacturers to offer a manual option. We really like our old 6x2 CF 85.430. 17-years-old and super reliable. It’s only needed one new turbo and it’s still on its original engine, clutch and gearbox, and it’s out there every day earning money,” explained Ross Sinclair, a member of the Jackson family involved in the business.

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