New Apollo Tyres for truck and trailer shown at Solutrans

Commercial Motor
November 22, 2023

Apollo Tyres has launched two new tyres for both tractor units and trailers.

The new EnduRace RA 2 gets a revised tread design and more premium materials to improve both grip and handling. The new tyres are said to be more durable than the previous generation and to have a lower rolling resistance. Apollo claims they will have a 5% increase in mileage and have a 10% increase in roling resistance and traction when compared to the previous generation of tyres.

The new EnduRace RA 2s also get a three-peak mountain snowflake stamp on their walls to show their ability to cope with poor weather, including snow. A new trailer tyre has also been developed to cater for European long-distance work. Called the EnduMile LHT, the tyre is said to be Apollo’s most durable and fuel-efficient truck-sector tyre to date. In a first for Apollo truck tyres, it also has an A-rating for rolling resistance.

The two new tyres are on display along side a new EnduRace RT2 trailer tyre which has had a new 385/55 size added to its range.

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