Agility and CNG Fuels produce 6x2 tractor

Colin Barnett
May 1, 2019

A partnership of Agility Fuel Solutions and CNG Fuels has created a viable 6x2 CNG tractor unit suitable for UK 44-tonne operations.

Agility says it has easily cracked the 300-mile range barrier, considered the minimum acceptable range.

The truck is a conversion of a standard Iveco Stralis NP460 CNG 4x2 RHD tractor, with a lengthened chassis and a 17.5in mid-lift axle from Italian chassis converter System Truck, as well as additional content provided by SB Components.

Key to the extended range is a pair of 365 litre gas tanks, whose composite construction saves weight and allows operation at 250 bar rather than the normal 200 bar, where filling pumps allow, and giving a range up to 350 miles.

The show truck is the first of four being prepared for the road.

Agility said that IVECO “has no objection to the conversion” and that the alterations do not affect the factory warranty on the basic truck, which remains as standard apart from axle conversion, tanks and control system.

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