Atego is a first for Charles Henshaw & Sons

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July 29, 2019

Charles Henshaw & Sons has ordered its first Mercedes-Benz truck; a 7.5-tonne Atego with a ClassicSpace S-cab from Mercedes-Benz Western Commercial.

It’s powered by a 5.1-litre engine producing 156hp which is pushed through a 6-speed PowerShift 3 gearbox. The unit also features drop-side bodywork by DPH of Bathgate.

James Gallon, production manager for Charles Henshaw & Sons, said: “The timing was just right, as the three-year contract on our last vehicle was coming to an end. We were mulling over what to do about replacing it, and may well have taken out another lease.”

The Atego is delivering the firms’ facade products throughout the UK and will be maintained by Western Commercial’s Broxburn workshop.

Gallon added: “Our drivers Jeff Ritchie and Steven Smith, are delighted with the new truck. It’s a lot more comfortable than our last, and they are particularly impressed with the automated gearbox which makes their jobs so much easier and more enjoyable”.

He also stated that the company has “every confidence that the Atego will live up to our expectations in terms of build quality and reliability, and would envisage this vehicle running for six, seven, maybe even eight years”.

This was coupled to thoughts about the relationship with the brand itself, Gallon claimed that “we have high hopes, too for our new relationship with Mercedes-Benz and Western Commercial.”

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