ATS Euromaster signs tyre inspection deal with Cloudbass

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July 26, 2017

ATS Euromaster has won a contract with specialist broadcast company Cloudbass to perform tyre inspections across its fleet of 36 commercial vehicles.

Cloudbass, which carries out work for Sky, the BBC and ITV, has signed up to a Mastercare package covering its mix of Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, rigid trucks, tractor units and trailers. The vehicles undergo regular tyre inspections by expert technicians to identify and resolve any potential service issues before they arise. As part of the deal, ATS Euromaster also fits premium Michelin tyres.

Cloudbass specialises in outside broadcast production for sporting, entertainment and current affairs programming across a range of digital and terrestrial media. It also works with Premiership football clubs to facilitate content for their in-house TV channels.

The company is involved in major sporting events including Euro 2016, London 2012, Scottish Premier League football and the British Touring Car Championship as well as on programmes such as BBC Question Time and Robot Wars. Cloudbass transport manager Terry Clay said:  “Timing is critical for us and the last thing we want is for our tyres to be responsible for stopping any broadcast.

"All work must be done as quickly as possible so our vehicles are always operational - we cannot have any vehicle downtime. But I know that in the unlikely event of a problem, I have to make one phone call to ATS Euromaster and then I can relax, safe in the knowledge that everything will be handled by the experts.

“Mastercare helps improve our budgeting procedures. Previously our tyre bills would be impossible to track as work was being done on an as and when basis. Now we get a detailed electronic report that documents exactly what tyres will need changing and when that will need to happen, as well as how much it will cost. That’s a massive benefit for us.”

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