Best idea yet of imminent DAF XF replacement

Colin Barnett
May 12, 2021

What is now clearly an imminent arrival, DAF’s XF replacement, is now the subject of a teaser campaign on social media, including a 10-second YouTube video. It has also exposed itself to the closest scrutiny yet, and this relatively lightly-disguised example was discovered at the site of Dutch logistics company Simon Loos, attached to one of its trailers. Our spy, from, was not only able to take the most detailed pictures so far, but to run its tape measure over some of its critical dimensions.

The first finding was that the 4x2 tractor has a relatively long wheelbase of 4,000mm, significant because the cab is considerably larger than the current Space Cab model, by approximately 350mm in length. The front overhang is some 150mm greater than at present. The sleeping accommodation would seem to have been increased, with a length behind the door aperture of 1,090mm, 140mm longer than at present. The actual increase may be a bit more, as there are signs that the door is also slightly longer.

The indications are that there will be a significant increase in interior space, both on this Space Cab equivalent version and the even taller Super Spacecab version that has been seen. Both appear to have completely flat floors. A lower version is a possibility, although no definite sightings have been confirmed. One thing that is clearly visible is a neatly taped over lower window in the passenger door. The truck photographed has conventional mirrors, although other examples have been seen with camera mirror systems, suggesting a choice will be available.

DAF seems to have gained a head start in anticipating the new truck dimension regulations. It appears to have shared the benefits between operators and drivers. Running costs should be reduced by the substantial aerodynamic improvements clearly visible, from the smooth undertray beneath the new multi-piece bumper, through heavily sculpted wheel arches to the curved roof line, while drivers should appreciate the more generous sleeping accommodation. We look forward to discovering if the interior has been subject to the same level of improvement. There’s no indication yet of when it will be revealed officially, but late June has been suggested.

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