Bridgestone launches FleetPulse management system

Will Shiers
April 26, 2019

Bridgestone’s new fleet management app FleetPulse, is now available to purchase and download, seven months after its unveiling at the IAA Show.

The system reduces downtime, gives greater transparency into vehicle health and reduces potentially dangerous breakdowns.

The Japanese company is globally renowned for its tyres, but it attempting to rebrand itself as a broader fleet solutions provider, having recently acquired TomTom of the Netherlands.

The new FleetPulse system comprises a mobile app, centralised website and tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) hardware. Via the app, drivers and technicians can complete a customisable roadworthiness checklist ensuring that nothing is missed out.

Through the centralised FleetPulse online portal, real-time information – including performance data, defects and damage – is sent to fleet and maintenance managers. If there is a problem, they can contact the driver or technician individually about new checklists, service bookings and even the removal of vehicles from the road.

“Sometimes they just might kick the tyres and then tell the boss they’re ready to roll,” remarked Steven de Bock, director of sales and operations. “But this is about vehicle status – the lights are working, there are no brake abnormalities etc – if there is the fleet manager can be immediately notified so they can book services for repairs and such like.”

In addition, the TPMS is constantly checking each individual tyre pressure and sending alerts if they’re too low which helps reduce tyre costs, fuel consumption and number of breakdowns.

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