Brocklebank Demolition purchases 30 new Scania XT P410 8x4s

Will Shiers
May 24, 2019


Sheffield-based Brocklebank Demolition has taken delivery of 30 new Scania XT P410 8x4s, which replace its previous mixed fleet of Volvos and Scanias.

The majority are equipped with Thompsons’ all-steel single-skinned Loadmaster Lites, one has an Epsilon crane, and a pair has aluminium-bodied tippers. Each has been fitted with a Binotto tipping cylinder, 29 being combined front-end ram and tank models, with the tipper grab using a single underfloor pot ram.

Brocklebank Demolition administrator Elliot Marriot said: “The firm replaces trucks every three years and the offer for the XTs was a good one, so we couldn’t turn it down. Drivers like them and they’ve proved to be good at everything we’ve asked of them.”

The trucks will undertake a range of tasks including moving demolition spoil and recyclables through to stone and aggregate transport. They will operate throughout South Yorkshire and will load and tip more than five times a day.

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