Ceramex sees increase in DPF demand

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October 10, 2022

DPF cleaning, remanufacturing and inspection provider Ceramex is increasing production after relocating to a new site.

Part of a five-year expansion strategy, Ceramex has invested more than £3 million to help meet rising customer demand in the UK and across Europe.

The Reading-based company had already boosted its DPF cleaning and remanufacturing volume for LGVs to more than 2,500 per week, a doubling in capacity, following its relocation to a brand-new, 67,000 sq ft facility last year.

Ceramex said it is seeing the number of DPFs for processing heading beyond pre-pandemic levels, due in part to increased logistics fleet activity.

Barney Milles, MD of Ceramex, said: “Even before Covid-19, tighter EU emission controls meant that the demand for cleaning and remanufacturing of commercial DPFs was on a steady upward trajectory. We expect further growth over the next few years, so having our new facility fully operational with scope for increased capacity, gives our business a high degree of future-proofing during these challenging economic times.”

DPF cleaning carried out by Ceramex removes between 350-450g of soot and ash from each filter, restoring it to at least 95% functionality. Soot and ash taken from the filter forms a ‘filter cake’ of particulate matter. Ceramex ships around five tons of filter cake every two months, approximately 30 tons per year, for further treatment prior to its disposal as non-

hazardous waste.

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