Children's book gets the offical nod from Scania

George Barrow
April 28, 2020

Scania has arrived in Vroom-Town, the exciting children’s book world created by author Emer Conlon who works as marketing manager for Irish Scania dealer McElvaney Motors.

Amongst the characters there are numerous trucks and diggers, but a new addition to Vroom-Town, Vabis, has officially been recognised by Scania who have made the series an officially licensed product.

The new book, the sixth in the series, welcomes Vabis to the town, who can now also be found at Scania Dealers across the UK. Along with other characters including Tang Arnold, an American semi, Daisy the opinionated truck, Terrible Terry, Trevor the tractor unit and Tim and Theo the Tippers, Vroom-Town will hopefully get young children interested in kids.

Conlon explains, " My journey has a bit of a backstory to it in that the idea for the books came from my day job as Marketing Manager of a Scania Dealership - so it has come full circle almost! I approached Scania in Sweden directly to see if they would have an interest in Vroom-Town. The team really liked the books and the fact that they are portraying a very positive message for trucks - as well as encouraging children to read - caught their attention. It is an absolute privilege and very humbling that such an innovative, global company has considered a Vroom-Town book worthy of being a licensed product.  There hasn't been any product offering like this from Scania before, so it is very unique. Although Scania is not assisting financially, I am able to use the logo. I am beyond excited about this opportunity and particularly as it is a platform to a very global audience - the potential for this latest book is enormous. I am a little bit proud that having worked with a Scania Dealer for 19 years, now one of my books will feature a Scania truck.

"The new character name, Vabis will mean something to people that are familiar with Scania. However, for those that aren't, Vabis was actually the name of a Swedish company that initially produced railway carriages and then moved into automobiles and truck production. They merged with Scania in 1911 forming Scania-Vabis and this remained the company name until 1968 when the Vabis name was dropped. When thinking of a name for the Scania truck, I thought Vabis would be a nice 'nod' to the history of Scania and it is also a name that children would take at face value".

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