C&W Commercials now offers recycled parts

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November 22, 2019

C&W Commercials now offers customers refurbished and recycled parts which can cost up to 70% less than the factory-fresh equivalents.

Taking place within the firm’s existing premises, C&W’s company director Darren Garland, explained that it’s allocated a space within its workshop to the dismantling of vehicles. “The parts that are no good are given to local companies who will recycle them,” he said.

The Wednesbury-based company needed planning permission for the new service from Walsall Council, because the local authority needed to know that C&W was disposing of old oil, or void and defective parts taken off of trucks, in an environmentally friendly way.

Garland also said, because of the price differential, “70% of our customers are fitting recycled parts as opposed to fitting new.

“Every good part will be labelled and shelved in our centre, which specialises in recycled DAF parts. That offers savings on the price of new parts, offering businesses a cost-effective way of keeping their trucks on the road”.

Also, since the introduction of the new scheme, Garland mentioned that C&W had taken on new apprentices to help dismantle the trucks: “The best way to learn about how something works, is to take it to bits and then put it back together again. We’re hopeful that more will join in the future.”

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