Dawsongroup truck and trailer specifies Hultsteins fridge motors on 10 Volvo 18-tonners

Will Shiers
March 22, 2021


Dawsongroup truck and trailer has specified Hultsteins Ecofridge Slimline hydraulic-drive fridge motors on 10 new multi-temperature Volvo FL 18-tonners, which it says have the potential to slash customers’ fuel bills.

The Hultsteins Ecofridge Slimline range work directly off an engine’s PTO, so don’t require their own diesel supply. They have a claimed fuel reduction of between 80% and 90% compared with a standard diesel fridge engine, which according to Dawsongroup truck and trailer, equates to a potential saving of £1,386 per 18-tonne truck per annum. This will increase to around £2,500 in April 2022 when the red diesel rebate is abolished.

Dawsongroup truck and trailer MD John Fletcher, said: “We have a track-record of innovation and early-adoption of new technologies. If innovations appear reliable, we like to offer our customers the opportunity to trial them through our fleet.

“We do it routinely with truck and trailer safety and environmental options; did it with our very early introduction of Euro-6 vehicles; more recently, gas trucks; and are already looking to add electric trucks to the fleet. Now we feel there are sufficient provable benefits for temperature-controlled vehicles for us to fit Hultsteins Slimline hydraulic fridge motors to these new Volvos.”

In addition to saving money, the Hultsteins units are also considerably cleaner than regular diesel fridge motors. Current diesel fridge engines do not have any particulate capture restrictions on their emissions, and research by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership shows a typical trailer fridge unit will emit approximately 200 times more fine particle diesel particulate matter and 400% more NOx per km driven in comparison to a Euro-6 engine.

“So, for our temperature-controlled fleet customers, this appears to offer a major opportunity”, added Fletcher. "Right now, any fuel savings, especially when coupled with substantial reductions in carbon and harmful emissions, are to be welcomed. On top of this, promised extended fridge life and simple maintenance procedures mean we are not adding unnecessary layers of service work.”


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